A Note on Shipping Changes

Due to some policy changes at Canada Post, I can unfortunately no longer send anything internationally that doesn't have a customs declaration on the outside, and those have to be sent as small packet rather than oversized lettermail. This has resulted in a re-evaluation of the shipping prices available on the site, with the following changes:

-Lettermail is no longer available outside of Canada.

-Untracked bubble mailers have increased an average of 50-100% in price because now they all have to be sent as small packet air. Sorry.

-Tracked bubble mailers have actually decreased an average of 8-10% in price. Possibly because of the recent changes to the exchange rate, or maybe Canada Post lowered the rates.

-All orders over 100 grams must now be tracked instead of over 200 grams. This wasn't because of Canada Post, but because I was anxious about sending that many patches without any way of knowing where they were.


Any questions about shipping of your order can be directed to razgrizpatchguy@gmail.com